The Life Spark blog is The Spot for feeling good, keeping hope alive and knowing that there is nothing that you cannot be or accomplish.

From the constant doom-and-gloom of the news media to your favorite aunt who likes complain about her bursitis, you are bombarded by the funky feelings of low vibes enough in your day. The Spot is the place to come when you need a lift. A ray of sunshine. A whiff of possibility that what you want is within reach. Read our stories, share your own and spread the word.

Hello! I’m Joelle Pauley-Fine. By day, I’m a freelance writer, copy editor and communications consultant at WordSpark Editorial. By night, I’m the creator and curator of The Life Spark Spot. I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area with the world’s most incredible life partner, daughter and Goldendoodle. I am a grammar geek, Law of Attraction and quantum physics junkie, zen seeker and Zin(fandel) drinker. I have been blessed in life, that’s for sure. But I think there’s something more at work in the universe than just a lucky draw of straws. A lifelong daydreamer and believer, I know that I have manifested amazings people, places and opportunities.

There are a lot of books, blogs, websites and programs out there to teach you how to manifest what you want. The Spot is the places to share these stories of manifestation and walk away feeling jazzed and invincible.